Tuesday, January 23, 2007

K eith Hollar (http://hollarkeith.blogspot.com/ ) tagged me with the challenge to list 5 Things You May Not Know About Me.

I'm an awkward combination of somewhat boring and an open book. But, I'll give it a shot:

1. I was the drummer in my junior high's jazz band.

2. I turned down a football scholarship to attend the college my then future wife planned to attend.

3. I proposed to Erin at a scenic outlook in the Colorado Rockies. I was trying to propose at sunset and had to drive like a maniac chasing the setting sun up the mountains. Erin wasn't sure if I was breaking up with her or trying to kill us both. She head no idea I was trying to propose.

4. I have a not so secret urge to be a semi-pro cyclist.

5. I played a snowplow driver in a Christmas play put on by the Campus Advance ministry of Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock.

I'm supposed to tag 5 more folks, but it looks like everybody whse blog I know has already been tagged.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Semi-Random Rant

Today, we had the first day in a while with no snow, rain or ice. It was even pretty sunny. It was a bit windy, but you can't ask for everything in the winter. So, out I go for the first long ride in a few weeks. Toward the end of the ride, I was worn out from the long ride and fighting the aforementioned wind. I came upon another cyclist and we played tag for a bit in the last few miles of my ride. About three miles from the house, we crossed over a low water dam of the Trinity River in Fort Worth. You go down a long ramp, cross over the dam, and ride back up another long ramp.

A guy on a mountain bike had been coming from the other direction and followed us down. Coming up the other side, he decided we were too slow and went right up the bank. Great, he's fresh, in a hurry and jumped past us. Then, he slows down. We get close and pass him, which apparently got his blood boiling and a minute later he comes barrellin past us and... ...you guessed it - he slowed down again. Normally, I would just have sprinted ahead and dumped the guy, but I was beat. Finally, after the fourth time he passed me and then made me get all over my brakes by slowing down right in front of my front wheel, I stepped up the pace just enough to leave him behind. I guessed he just wanted to tell his buddies he'd passed and stayed ahead of a couple of roadies. To tell you the truth, the speed he climbed that bank was pretty darn impressive. And, if he'd kept up the speed he made when he passed us, I would have been thoroughly impressed and then not thought anymore of it. At best, he blew past us and then was so winded he had to slow down. At worst, he was beeing a butt and just wanted to show us who was boss by making us work to keep from corn-holin' him.

I'd really like to run across this guy when I'm a litle fresher, or get him to tag along on a long ride to see how he does. Anyway... ...no point, just a rant.