Monday, May 14, 2007

Back Up To Speed

Well, since my last post I've done a good bit of riding. I rode in the Germanfest rally in Muenster, Texas. That was 64 miles of really hilly riding. I've ridden around town a good bit as well.

During the first weekend in May, I did the MS150. That was 2 days of windy, wet fun in North Texas. It was only a 75 mile ride each day, but the wind and rain made it a bit more taxing than it might have been. That said, it was probably the best organized event I've attended. 3,000 riders were taken care of by an army of volunteers at registration, rest-stops, the overnight facility and the finish line. The intersections were well marked and controlled by peace officers. I was truly impressed. If all fund-raising events were that well put together, fund-raisers in general might be better attended.

I have now told the kids that I won't go to another rally or race until the end of soccer season (mid-June). Who'd haver ever thought that I would consider it a sacrifice to not attend a strenuous day of bicycling. I will still be riding, just not at events taking place during soccer games. This past weekend, both kids played very hard at their respective games. It is a joy to see them enjoying themselves and getting good exercise at the same time.