Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vacation... ...What's That

Out little family is about to embark on a venture that hasn't been done since our honeymoon... ... a vacation. Now yes, in the 12 years we've been married we have gone on trips. But, almost all of them have involved going to some family member's home or meeting a bunch of family somewhere. Don't get me wrong. I love our extended families: parents, siblings, cousins, et al. But, sometimes a trip either by ourselves or with non-family friends sounds very appealing.

We've done a couple of 2-day camping trips, but while those are a lot of fun, they're too short to be considered a real vacation. This particular trip involves a 5-day jaunt to South Texas to relax at the beach, swim with the kids, have fun with some friends who are also going, and just relax. I'll be ignoring the cell phone and just "unning." For those of you who are uninitiated, "unning" generally means to UNwind. Being wound fairly tightly most of the time, I need some UNwinding. We don't have any major schedule or itinerary. Sounds great to me.

I hope that in future years we are better able to take little trips like this. I don't need anything fancy like a month in Europe (though, if you wish to sponsor a Lea family trip to the other side of the Pond, checks may be made out to the Michael Lea Needs a Vacation Fund), I would just like to take our little nuclear family to someplace new and enjoy the time together. I would love to spend a week camping in Colorado. I'd love to visit D.C. and see all of the historic landmarks and the Smithsonian. A trip to Dsiney Land or World would be nice.

I am really looking forward to this little trip. Hopefully, we will all come back relaxed and "unned."


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Attacks of the Flesh

As I have written before, Erin (my wife) and I are working hard at getting in shape and losing weight. So far, we've both done pretty well at it. But, man it sometimes seems like we're under attack. It sounds melodramatic, but it seems as if the devil doesn't want us to lose the weight. I know that he tempts you and tries to get you to commit sins. Looking at how I've been built most of my adult life, it's easy to tell that my most obvious sins are gluttony and sloth. There are plenty of other sins that aren't as glaringly obvious (I hope).

So, now Erin and I are trying to lose weight and be more active. In the first two weeks, Erin hurt her back while helping my sister and brother-in-law move into a new house. She has and is continuing to work through that. She didn't let it stop her or even slow her down for very long. I got a badly infected ingrown toenail, but I kept going. Erin has had some recurrent issues with her calves and Achilles tendons. My hips and knees have long-term issues which are currently flaring up. I have days where I just feel lazy, tired or unmotivated.

In many ways, my walk with Christ is marked with my failures. He knows how often I stumble on a daily basis. In this particular instance, I am currently doing better than I have in the past. I think one reason that I am doing better with this is that I have an accountability partner. Erin and I are pretty good at keeping each other on track. On days where she feels weak, she can lean on or be prodded by me, and vice versa. I also have reached a point where the age at which Dad had his first heart attack is in sight. I am 34. He was 45. That's not terrifically far in the future. I'd just as soon not followin in his health footsteps. I would like to be around to watch my kids raise their kids.

Pray that Erin and I are able to maintain our new, healthier lifestyle. While you're at it pray that we have equal or better success in dealing with the other sin in our lives.